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Where the Suburb Meets the City

Montclair Center is classic and edgy, urban and urbane, great business and great fun. Montclair Center is a First Suburb and a modern Transit Village. Most of all, Montclair Center is a great place to shop, dine, work, live and play. These exciting dichotomies and more are summed up in our tagline — Montclair Center: Where the Suburb Meets the City.

Montclair Center Business Improvement District (the BID) celebrates its sixteenth anniversary in 2018 and continues to proudly serve the businesses, property owners, residents and customers of the district.

The BID was founded by merchants and property owners who were concerned about on-street aesthetics, safety, code enforcement, customer attraction and district marketing. Montclair Center Corporation started operations in the summer of 2002. Since that time, Montclair Center has become known for its vibrant street life, fabulous restaurants, award winning retail, great art scene and pedestrian friendly office setting.

In 2012, 2013-14 and 2018 this ribbon of commercial zoning was recognized as New Jersey’s Favorite Downtown Arts District. In 2015, Downtown Montclair won the Great American Main Street Award for the best Downtown in the US.  And no wonder! The district is New Jersey’s restaurant row; an arts and entertainment destination; home to some of the best independent, national, and international retailers; and a magnet for creative businesses.

If you are already familiar with Montclair Center, you know and appreciate our unique offerings. If you are thinking about doing business in Montclair Center, contact us at 973.509.3820 to learn about our convenient location, great quality of life and desirable demographics.


The Montclair Center BID works to keep Montclair Center great, make it even better, and let the world know about shopping, dining, working and living in Montclair Center. We focus on vibrant streets, economic development and quality of life. We follow the National Main Street model and bring value to the district in four fundamental ways:

Enhance Economic Value

  • Identify and recruit new businesses to Montclair Center
  • Connect property owners and their agents with potential tenants
  • Work with existing businesses to make their ventures more successful
  • Help new businesses learn the local ropes

Create Marketing Value

  • Encourage, create and promote events that draw customers and focus to the district
  • Brand and market the district, through public relations, social media and advertising

Promote Civic Value

  • Advocate for business friendly ordinances and practices in municipal agencies
  • Serve as an “honest broker” between local businesses and governmental agencies

Build Physical Value

  • Encourage and contribute to public placemaking within Montclair Center
  • Promote and encourage the artistic and historic eclecticism of the district
  • Supplement municipal amenities, maintenance and sanitation efforts


Montclair Center Corporation Board of Directors has 21 members, comprised of seven district property owners, seven business owners, two town councilpersons, one resident and four at-large members. The full Board meets nine times a year. Program, administrative and executive committees meet and work as needed. Committees are made up of both Board and non-Board members. Montclair Center BID program committees include:

If you are a Montclair Center business owner interested in volunteering for the BID, contact Israel Cronk at 973.509.3820.

Executive Board

  • Phil Cantor, President
  • Gerald Sweeney, Vice President
  • Robert Weber, Treasurer
  • Lisa Johnson, Secretary
  • Jason Gleason, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer


  • Israel Cronk, Executive Director
  • Diane E. Israel, Assistant Director
  • Ann Marie Sekeres, Assistant Director
  • Joann Smalls, Program Director
  • Dylan Blackwell, Ambassador Supervisor


  • Councillor Renee Baskerville, 4th Ward
  • Councilor Sean Spiller, 3rd Ward

Board of Directors

  • Melissa Adler
  • Jeff Beck
  • Arlene Carrini
  • Honey Correira
  • Jenna Davis
  • Chris Francois
  • Kazim Mirza
  • Steven Plofker
  • Sharda Ramharack
  • Sue Schultz
  • Nicole Silva
  • Matt Silverman
  • Nat Testa
  • Dr. Konsantine Trichas