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This post is about how we make Montclair Center safer and more pleasant.  We'll link to the /slow-down page.

Parking Closure notifications at Montclair Center

Parking Lot Closures

Parking Lot Closures

Parking Closure notifications at Montclair Center

The South Willow parking lot between South Willow Street and Seymour Street is closing as of August 22, 2018 and the South Fullerton parking lot (Bangz/Cuban Pete’s/Wellmont) will be closing on September 7 – both lots will be closed for at least a period of 1 YEAR – this information is provided by the Montclair Parking Utility.

South Willow St. and Seymour St. Parking Lot Closed until Fall 2019
South Fullerton St. Parking Lot Closed until Fall 2019

Whether you park in your building garage or otherwise, the area surrounding your building will no doubt be affected… traffic, challenged parking, etc.

Please feel free to share your comments below.    If you have any questions,  concerns, etc., please call the Parking Utility directly, 973-509-1313.

Two municipal lots will close during construction in the area of the Wellmont Theater (Seymour Street redevelopment project):

  • South Willow Street Lot will close by Wednesday, August 22
  • South Fullerton East Lot will close by Friday, September 7

Please see the official notice on the Montclair Parking Utility Website.

Five handicapped parking spots will be made available – three on South Willow Street and two on Roosevelt Place.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.