Springboard Montclair Applications Open

Montclair Center BID Announces Grant Competition for New Businesses to Open in Downtown Montclair


$10,000 and $15,000 Grant Awards from Springboard Montclair



The Montclair Center BID is pleased to announce Springboard Montclair, a small business start-up grant competition that will help fund two businesses to lease space in downtown Montclair, NJ.  Applications will open on Monday, May 10 at montclaircenter.com.  All applications must be completed by midnight on Tuesday, June 1.  Winners will be announced by July 1, 2021.


Springboard Montclair will award two grants for new or expanding businesses: one for $10,000 (leasing less than 1500 square ft.) and one for $15,000 (leasing between 1500 and 2300 sq. ft.).  Details are available by clicking “Apply at Springboard Montclair” button at montclaircenter.com.


“We are thrilled to launch this new project to bring start-ups to lease storefronts in downtown Montclair,” said Lisa Johnson, president of the Montclair Center BID.  “We are actively encouraging women, minorities and veterans to apply and strengthen our community in this time of recovery.”


“The Montclair Center BID is focused on providing solid business support to further develop our local economy,” said Jason Gleason, executive director of the Montclair Center BID.  “We are delighted to offer Springboard Montclair to bring more innovation and entrepreneurship downtown.”


The Springboard Montclair winners will also receive trainings and classes to further their success downtown.


Representing over 400 businesses and over 200 property owners in downtown Montclair, the Montclair Center BID is directly responsible for the music performances, beautification projects, including plants and decorations, banners, way-finding signage and maintenance throughout the district. By encouraging dynamic collaboration, the Montclair Center BID also creates exciting events for shoppers and tourists, marketing opportunities for retailers and restauranteurs, and actively seeks to improve the area for businesses and residents.  For more information, visit montclaircenter.com





Good Bottle Refill Shop

Good Bottle Refill Shop

By: Lynese Salmon

New to Montclair Center is New Jersey’s first refill shop, Good Bottle, owned by mompreneur, Deanna Taylor-Heacock. Now located on 179 Glenridge Ave, Good Bottle refill shop makes every day Earth day while being the ideal location for zero waste lifestyle products. Deanna is a passionate business owner with experience in retail which makes Good Bottle an aesthetically pleasing store that offers a memorable experience. Deanna’s at-home experience as a mother, witnessing how much waste her family produces daily influenced her interest in the zero-waste movement and the need for sustainable lifestyle products, and a decrease in spending. In Deanna’s journey to making her home more sustainable and decreasing waste, within one summer, Good Bottle Refill Shop was born. Launched September 2019 in Maplewood and now in Montclair. 

What Good Bottle Refill Shop Offers/Services

Immediately walking into Good Bottle Refill Shop, the store is sectioned off from sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle products, to the refill station, the laundry and cleaning products, to the hygiene and body products, and the weighing tables. The refill station is designed to make your refilling process simple and informative. You can simply refill your household, cleaning, and/or body care products with the variation of bottles/containers the shop provides or bring in your own bottle/container to refill. All of their products have refill numbers that assist you when it’s time to weigh and pay for your items. You can read clear descriptions of what ingredients are included in the products you’re purchasing which leaves you with the confidence that everything you’re buying is eco-friendly.

There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to cleaning products, household items, laundry products, lifestyle products, hygiene products, etc. The items you wouldn’t expect to be sustainable/ waste-free you can easily find at Good Bottle. Although they are a refill shop you can still purchase your sustainable, eco-friendly, zero-waste daily household items and hygiene care at your leisure. Deanna’s experience in retail made the development of Good Bottle an exceptional shopping experience. From the organized system to the vibrant aesthetic, to the welcoming atmosphere, Good Bottle is a shop you’ll surely find enjoyable. 

Keeping safety protocols in mind, Good Bottle Refill shop offers curbside pickup and no-touch delivery services as an alternative to coming into the shop. For those interested in no-touch delivery, Good Bottle offers delivery Wednesdays through Saturdays. You can easily choose delivery when checking out through their website from there you’ll receive a text message once you’re delivery is in route and finally receive a follow-up text once your order has successfully been delivered. All done without making physical contact and keeping everyone safe. For those interested in curbside pickup, you’ll choose curbside pickup when checking out, you’ll receive a text once your order is ready, text Good Bottle once you arrive, and they’ll happily bring your order to you curbside. This is a quick and efficient way to shop for those on the go and would like to have their items ready by the time they arrive. 

For more information on no-touch delivery and curbside pick up, visit the Good Bottle website

Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Zero-Waste Products

Deanna understands the importance of having eco-friendly, sustainable, zero-waste products within your home and how they can benefit you and your family in the long run. Which is why Good Bottle provides a variety of eco-friendly, nontoxic household, hygiene, and beauty products to choose from. Making it easier to transition your home into an eco-friendly, sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle. Although Good Bottle is a refill shop, there are no limitations on what you can find wandering through the shop. From household cleaning products such as liquid laundry detergent, laundry strips, fabric softener pods, all-purpose cleaner spray, toilet bombs, and floor cleaner. To bath and body products such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion bars, hair gel, shaving cream, and aromatherapy bath salts. Or even kitchen supplies such as unpaper towels, washable sponges, cloth napkins, food huggers, and bamboo utensils. The list goes on and on, that was just to name a few of the amazing products Good Bottle offers.

All of which are made with biodegradable, non-toxic, and organic ingredients. For more information on the types of products Good Bottle offers, visit the “shop” section of their website.

Zero Waste Movement

We create countless amounts of waste unknowingly within our households and tend to forget the effects our waste has on the environment. Good Bottle makes an effort to not only be an eco-friendly refill shop but a resource for information. On their website, you can find out more information on the zero waste movement and statistics on why refilling is so important. Good Bottle provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to begin a zero-waste, sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle. The shop leaves you feeling confident in the products you’re buying and well educated, all while getting your dose of retail therapy. 

Check out Good Bottle Refill shop in Montclair where every day is Earth day and start your journey to a zero-waste home.

Connect with Good Bottle:


Ig: @goodbottlerefillshop

Fb: Good bottle refill shop

T: goodbottleshop 

Outdoor Dining in Montclair

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining


Absolute Zero Ice Cream

410 Bloomfield Avenue





7 North Willow Street

973 783 9200



Amanti Vino

30 Church St.

(973) 509-9463


Aozora Fusion and Sushi

407 Bloomfield Ave

973 233 9400



Bare Burger

480 Bloomfield Ave

973 509 2273



Belgiovine Italian Deli

714 Bloomfield Ave

973 744 2221



Belgiovine Pizza

71 Bloomfield Ave

973 744 2221

Belgiovine’s Pizza Delivery in Montclair



20 Church Street




Beyond Pita 

82 Church St.

973 744 2155

Beyond Pita Menu


Café Giotto

42 Church Street

973 746 0111



Caribbean Grill 

343 Bloomfield Ave

973 783 7227

Caribbean Grill Menu


Cocina Candela

706 Bloomfield Ave

973 707 7174

cocina candela menu


Cuban Pete’s

428 Bloomfield Ave

973 746 1100




311 Bloomfield Ave

973 233 0350




544 Bloomfield Ave

973 542 7700




558 Bloomfield Ave

862 333 4135



Fresco da Franco

15 Church St

973 337 5100



Guerriero Gelato  by Mike 

571 Bloomfield Ave



Greek Taverna

292 Bloomfield Ave

973 746 2280



Jack's Seafood Shack

718 Bloomfield Ave

973 893 5283



Jalwa Modern Indian Dining

215 Glenridge Ave

973 250 6364



Java Love

49 Church Street

To Go Menu Church Street


Just Jake’s

30 Park Street

973 655 8987



Kai Yang 

345 Bloomfield Ave

973 509 2210



Laboratorio Kitchen 

615 Bloomfield Ave

973 746 6100



La Rocca Osteria

21 Midland Ave

973 746 0707

La Rocca Osteria


Le French Dad Boulangerie

10 Church Street

973 746 0288

Order Take Out


Let's Yo

31 Valley Road

973 337 8451




19 S. Park St

973 509 9077



MC Hotel (Rooftop dining)

690 Bloomfield Ave


MC Hotel autograph collection


Montclair Falafel

16 Church Street

201 957 6256

Montclair Falafel To Go Menu



515 Bloomfield Ave

973 655 9000



Mikki & Al Noshery

14 Park St.

973 744 7100



Montclair House Grill

12 Church Street

973 509-9600

To Go Menu Montclair House Grill on Church


Noches de Colombia

19 Elm Street

(973) 744-3363

Montclair MENU


Playa Bowls

South Park St

(732) 501-7927



Proven Poke

19 Church Street

973 860 7229



Puebla De Noche

6 Park St.

973 707 7499

Outdoor Dining and Takeout menu



10 Park Street

(973) 744-9263




7 Park Street




Salute Bistro

173 Glenridge Ave

973 746- 2380

Lunch and Dinner Menus



38 Valley Rd.

862 333 4499



Scala Del Nonna

32 Church Street

973 744 3300



Sushi Hana

5 N. Fullerton

973 746 3900

Sushi Hana


Sweet Kitchen

533 Bloomfield Ave

973 707 2667




700 Bloomfield Ave

973 509-8099



Tostchu Melted Sandwich

12 N. Willow

973 780 9687



The Tea Store Retail Cafe

8 South Fullerton Avenue


The TeaCompany Retail & Cafe, Montclair


Trend Coffee and Tea House

411 Bloomfield Ave

973 744 1333



Uncle Momo

702 Bloomfield Ave

973 233-9500

unclemomo to go



6 S Fullerton Ave

(973) 337 6667

Lunch and dinner menus


Villa Victoria

11 Park Street

(973) 746 4426

Pizza, lunch and dinner menus


Zeugma Grill

44 S. Park Street




Job Post: Ambassador


Reports to: Ambassador Supervisor

Hours: This is a full-time, non-exempt position (typically 30 hours per week or

more unless specified as part-time or seasonal). Additional hours including

nights and weekends may be required to staff BID and partner events or

other special events as requested.

Overview of Role: The Ambassador works under the direction of the Ambassador Supervisor

and has direct responsibilities toward keeping Montclair Center clean, visually appealing, and


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Enhance and maintain the cleanliness, visual beauty, and “state of good repair” of Montclair Center at all times.
  • Clean sidewalks, BID fixtures, tree pits, and other BID elements and perform graffiti removal as necessary within Montclair Center.
  • Install and de-install holiday décor and other seasonal visual improvements.
  • Install and de-install lamppost banners and other special signage/banners promoting Montclair Center, BID sponsors, and BID members.
  • Trouble-shoot and problem-solve additional conditions and issues on behalf of Montclair Center members.
  • Communicate with business owners on issues related to non-removal of garbage, sidewalk cleanliness, and other compliance-related items.
  • Maintain and water Montclair Center beautification and planting initiatives as necessary.
  • Clean and maintain BID fixtures such as informational kiosks, planters, planter beds, etc. at all times.
  • Perform regular surveys of Montclair Center and create and maintain lists including the business directory/vacancy survey, streetlight outage reports, empty tree pits, and more.
  • Set up, break down, and staff (or schedule staffing for) all BID and partner events.
  • Clear pedestrian crossing areas and paths in the event of snow and ice conditions. Utilize additional measures to assist with pedestrian safety, such as salt, ice melt, etc.
  • Operate the BID vehicle, street sweeper, and other equipment as necessary to perform tasks as necessary.
  • Assist with information gathering and dissemination about and to Montclair Center members (including event posters and signage, etc.).
  • Assist with information dissemination (such as directions, etc.) to Montclair Center visitors.
  • Additional duties and responsibilities, as requested by the Ambassador Supervisor.

Mesob Takeout Experience

Explore Mesob at home!  We are excited to reveal this take-home cultural basket that is being developed by Mesob, Montclair’s acclaimed Ethiopian restaurant.  Instead of plastic containers, customers will be able to experience a rich traditional meal.  Developed through a grant the Montclair Center BID received from Main Street NJ, Mesob is working with Storefront Mastery and Montclair Center BID to develop new concepts.


This takeout experience includes the following:

 Zenbil (Traditional Ethiopian basket) with the following contents:

Embroidered, custom designed napkins and tablecloths on beautiful traditional Ethiopian fabric.

Agelgil, a layered stack of injera, the traditional Ethiopian fermented flatbread, stuffed with different ethnic sauces, meats, and vegetables.

Extra injera in an Ethiopian Shema (fabric made from cotton and woven on a loom).

Hand roasted Ethiopian coffee or Spice tea for after.

Ornamentally decorated coffee or teacups included.

Recipe card deck to prepare dishes at home.  Traditional Ethiopian table etiquette including the ritual of eating, handwashing and gathering around the table.

Exclusive Mesob Spotify playlist to complement their meal.

This take-home experience is available in servings of 2, 4 or 10 starting Thursday, April 1. We highly recommend you preorder while supplies lasts. You can do so by calling 973-655-9000 or emailing admin@mesobrestaurant.com
Other businesses downtown are developing innovative concepts to aid downtown recovery.

Architect H.I.I.T Fitness Studio

Architect H.I.I.T Fitness Studio

Architect H.I.I.T Fitness Studio is known as one of the hottest High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) studios in New Jersey founded and run by Adrienne Felder. Adrienne runs the studio alongside the co-owner Sarah Reppert. They created Architect Studios to ensure everyone felt accepted and welcomed in a place where all fitness levels can be pushed to their full potential. With the help of head coach and community manager Roy Rosado and several other fitness instructors, Architect H.I.I.T Fitness Studio provides one-on-one training for anyone interested.

What They Offer:

The studio offers over 40 classes including GRIIT, SPIN, TRX, Sprint.GRIIT, Circuit.GRIIT, xPress. SPIN, GRIIT.con (ditioning), and bit.GRIIT; all based on the H.I.I.T formula. The H.I.I.T formula means you’d be going to your maximum capacity for a set period of time. A clear description of each class style and what to expect can be located on the Architect Studio website

For those interested in taking their classes in the comfortability of their own home, Architect studio offers their classes online as well. They even allow participants to borrow equipment from the fitness studio, free of charge, so everyone can get a quality workout with the proper tools they need. Anyone interested can get their first class for free and decide on purchasing singular classes, package of 5 classes, package of 10 classes, package of 20 classes, or unlimited monthly. 

Safety Precautions: 

Keeping in mind we are still in the midst of a pandemic, Architect studios is ensuring their studio is a properly cleaned and safe environment for participants to get active. Masks are required in the studio at all times and each room is cleaned between each class session. They have reduced class sizes to properly follow social distancing guidelines. There are only 6 people allowed in their H.I.I.T classroom, 7 people allowed in their spin classroom, and 4 people allowed in their blueprint room. The studio provides cleaning supplies for participants to clean off their station and equipment before and after use. As the weather gets warmer, participants can expect outdoor class sessions as well. All of these safety precautions allow participants to stay safe and still enjoy their use of the studio.

Montclair Employee Appreciation Offer from Architect Studio:

Architect Studio is offering their services to all local workers, business employees, barbers, baristas, and retail associates at a generously discounted rate.

Architect Studios online fitness classes will be available at 50% off. If you are interested, please email Roy Rosado at roy@arcstu.com

Want to try a class first? Email Roy Rosado at roy@arcstu.com for a free virtual pass

Connect w/ Architect H.I.I.T Fitness Studio:

Architect H.I.I.T Fitness Studio prides itself on being a successfully women-owned, small business. Each of the owners, coaches, and instructors aims to maintain a welcoming environment for all participants. The studio works with anyone interested, including students, so that they can have the opportunity to take their classes and stay active.

To learn more information about Architect H.I.I.T Fitness Studio and to sign up for their classes visit the Architect Studio website.

“Architect Studios: a place built on love, laughter and (A LOT) of sweat.”

Follow Architect H.I.I.T Fitness Studio:




Women Owned Businesses In Montclair Center

In honor of Women’s History month, Montclair would like to acknowledge all of the women-owned businesses in the district. Montclair is proud to say, there are over 100 female-owned businesses in the district varying from restaurants, salons, boutiques, shops, fitness studios, photography studios, professional services, etc. There’s no question that Montclair is filled with strong and empowered female business owners. Here’s to all of the women running successful businesses and making Montclair an ideal location to shop, eat and enjoy. 

& Son

Adapt Physical Therapy

Ahava Felicidad 

AMA African Hair Braiding

Amanti Vino

Amazing Lash

American Sampler

Architect Studios

Arthur Murray Dance School

Audrey & Elle

Berkshire Hathaway

Bery Dominican Salon

Blue Mercury

Boho Beauty Bar

By Veronica Photography

Carine’s Ambiance 

Celestina Ando Photography

Chez Renee

Compleat Window Fashions and Decor

Culture Couture 



Dody’s Dresses

Doin’ Dishes

Dolly Moo

Dr. Brenda King Veterinary

Duology Beauty Salon

Elyssia Kitchen

Envy by Melissa

Equilibrium Pilates of Montclair & Physical Therapy 

Evolve Med Spa

Eye Candy

Fab & Jules


Fujiya Ramen

Gallery Loupe


Glen Ridge Taewon-do

Hair 491

Hand and Stone

Healthy Transitions

Her Name Was

Hermosa Grace

Inner Eye Boutique

Jaipure Yoga 

Jane Do 

Java Love

Jeeyune Nails


Just Kidding Around

Kai Yang 

Kate’s Skin Revision


Kung Fu Tea

Little Gym

Little Treasure Thrift Shop

Lulus Artisanal Café

Lure Lash


Mikki & Al’s Noshery

Miriam‘s Well Healing 

Montclair Center Camera Exchange

Montclair Jewelers

Montclair Pediatric Dental Care 


Mystic Spirit

Natural Nails

New 2000 Nails

New Montclair Nail

New Moon Photography


Olive Organic Tan Spa

Pance Hair Braiding




Pinot’s Palette

Plum on Park

Precious Jewels Daycare

Proven Poke

Puebla de Noche 

Pure Barre

Pure Energy Hair Studio


Rocky’s Crystals


S.J. Allen Realty


Sharron Miller's Academy for the Performing Arts

Shoe Sector

Sicilia Mia


South Moon Under

Smith Boring

Sperling Dermatology

Studio 0502

Studio 0912 Tresses

Studio AIR

Studio Montclair

Sweet T’s Southern Eatery

Sushi Hana

The Eclectic Chic

The Tea Company Café

TLC Relax Station

The Bar Method

To be Pilates


Vanguard Theater Company

Violet PR

Womens’ Healing Zone

Woodhouse Day Spa


DIFFvelopment (Written by Lynese Salmon.)

DIFFvelopment is a black-owned non-profit organization founded by Esi Kagale Agyeman Gillo and Peter Markeeo Gillo in 2015. DIFFvelopment arms aspiring Black visionaries from around the globe with the deep understanding of how to overcome the racial disparities impacting them today, a new empowering narrative to tell their history, a safe space to belong to, and first-rate entrepreneurial and financial direction from Black business professionals with diverse perspectives. They offer revolutionary programming that empowers through analytical economic Africana history training and action-oriented entrepreneurial and financial education.

How DIFFvelopment Was Created:

Esi and her husband Peter founded DIFFvelopment based on their own personal experiences and struggles entering the professional work field after college. Esi experienced her fair share of difficulty entering the work field because she was Black, despite being well-educated it was evidently clear there was a lack of Black people in the higher working field. Esi ended up working a temp position rather than the proper job she expected to be working leaving college. Peter thankfully had the opportunity to enter a Black life studies program at Rutgers University but once that ended he experienced the same struggles Esi did. 

Esi and Peter wanted to see more Black people working in higher positions and ultimately be around people that looked like them. During this period of finding better employment, they began to think about what they were experiencing and why they were experiencing it. They did research, started realizing deployment, bias, hiring processes that don’t favor Black people globally, and weak governments that aren’t really providing jobs for the youth. They started seeing the trend of students going to school, getting good educations then coming home doing what they can to get by. In addition to noticing the lack of Black wealth, how it keeps perpetuating itself, how it keeps going, and understanding that there are systems set in place keeping Black people from reaching generational growth. 

Esi and Peter began working for a Black-owned restaurant together, Esi at night while working corporate at her temp position, Peter full-time. The two of them were passionate about helping the Black-owned restaurant, the restaurant even asked Esi to take over their nonprofit. Peter then suggested the idea of the two of them starting their own nonprofit which led to the development of their consultrepreneurship internship program. In 2015 they developed DIFFvelompment with the focus of developing Black people differently, it’s been a long journey but DIFFvelopment is successfully impacting the lives of young adults globally and providing them with the resources and knowledge they need to become skilled business professionals.

What They Offer:

DIFFvelopment offers virtual Africana-centered life-changing programs, where they inculcate aspiring Black visionaries with the practical skills, human resources, and mindset needed to become globally conscious visionary leaders who are equipped to build sustainable personal, generational and communal wealth through entrepreneurship, intentional financial planning, and philanthropy. Their programs include the Consultrepreneurship Internship, Black Generational Wealth program, and the Alternative Career Services Coaching program. 

The Consultrepreneurship Internship program is an annual holistic 10-week summer program that leverages Africana economic history, mentorship, and unique practical learning experiences to empower Black college students and recent graduates to overcome socioeconomic barriers and build personal, generational, and communal wealth. Eligible candidates must be college students, 18 years of age or older. DIFFvelopment looks for driven students, willing to learn about their history, entrepreneurship, and passionate about their people within the Black community. The Consultrepreneurship is a journey and students can expect an intense learning experience. The idea is to ground students’ thinking in entrepreneurship in an African historical context, classes every week, understanding finance and business, obtain the education you can’t learn in school but what needs to be learned. The application for this year's Consultrepreneurship Internship program closes on March 31st, 2021.

Retrieve Consultrepreneurship Internship Program Details and Apply Here

The Black Generational Wealth program is an action-oriented learning experience that challenges aspiring Black visionaries from all walks of life to examine their socioeconomic status in relation to the wealth-building process and explore entrepreneurship as a viable career option that facilitates economic advancement. It’s a three-part workshop making Black students aware of their economic household and takes them through activities that teach them how they can obtain generational wealth themselves. The 2nd round of the Montclair Black Generational Wealth program for Montclair resident Black college students will begin Saturday, February 27th, DIFFvelopment is currently accepting applications until Friday, February 26th at 12 PM.

Retrieve Black Generational Wealth Program details and Apply Here

The Alternative Career Services Coaching program is a one-on-one coaching program that provides aspiring Black visionaries and recent graduates from all around the world with financial, business, employment, higher education, professional and general life skills guidance. Development plans are customized to suit the needs of each beneficiary and therefore vary in terms of support approach and length of engagement. Beneficiaries can choose to have a private or Instagram Live coaching session. 

Apply for the Alternative Career Services Coaching Program Here

What’s To Come For DIFFvelopment:

DIFFvelopment will soon be releasing their book, “Understanding How to Build Black Generational Wealth: A Historically and Culturally Centered Self-Help Book." It’s a one-of-kind handbook for anyone looking to learn more about the Black-White wealth gap from a global perspective and speaks directly to the aspiring Black visionary who’s seeking the motivation necessary to build personal, generational, and communal wealth through entrepreneurship. It is informative, motivational, and straightforward. The paperback will be available for purchase through Amazon by the first week of March. A direct link to the Amazon purchase page will be included in the footer of the DIFFvelopment website

The DIFFvelopement online resource center, EPA Center is currently in the process of development. The EPA Center will be the virtual hub for aspiring Black visionaries who want to learn how to build sustainable wealth that is historically informed and globally conscious. The EPA Center will be available to the public by the Spring of this year. They are currently raising funds to further its development. Anyone interested in getting involved can join their Giving Circle. Overview | Info Session

How To Support:

To support DIFFvelopment, interested parties should donate at www.diffvelopment.org/donate or join its first Giving Circle. Applications will be accepted through March 10th. Visit here for more information and apply at www.diffvelopment.org/circle.

Connect with DIFFvelopment:

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter





Help guide the future of Montclair Center!

Complete Brief Survey

This survey is part of a strategic planning process for the Montclair Center Business Improvement District (BID). Your input will help the BID identify priorities and initiatives to pursue over the next 10 years.

To thank you for your participation, we will be giving away gift cards to Montclair Center businesses to five survey respondents chosen at random!

Montclair’s Healthy Alternatives for The New Year

With the holidays over and 2021 finally upon us, it’s time to set new goals and start the year off on a healthy note. Whether that be getting active or focusing on clean eating, Montclair New Jersey has various businesses that can help you find healthy alternatives for the new year. Being as though we are still in the midst of a pandemic, each business is following safety protocols to keep customers safe, and some businesses offering remote options for those looking to get healthy from home. Take a look at some of Montclair’s healthy restaurants and fitness locations helping everyone get healthy in the new year.


The Salad House


Entering the new year as a new addition to the Montclair community is The Salad House. Founded by Joey Cioffi, The Salad House is a fast-casual style restaurant with multiple healthy options to choose from including salads, sandwiches, wraps, smoothies, and more. They specialize in freshly prepared, customized, and signature salad creations handmade-to-order. Everything made from quality and wholesome ingredients, offering their style of “health-conscious comfort food.”

In addition to providing health-conscious meals, The Salad House prioritizes convenience. The Salad House accommodates those who prefer to dine-in and/or take-out. With the use of online and mobile ordering, customers are able to place orders for delivery or on-site pick-up. If you’re looking to prioritize clean eating in the new year, check out The Salad House for convenient, health-conscious meals.

Located at 18 S. Fullerton Ave.

Visit The Salad House Website to view their menu and/or place an order.


Rise Up Nutrition

For those looking to include healthy options in their diet but still have a sweet tooth, Rise Up Nutrition is the place for you. Rise Up Nutrition offers healthy shakes, energy drinks, protein donuts, and waffles. All of which satisfies your sweet tooth while still being a healthy alternative. Providing delicious menu items such as the Funfetti shake and the Good as New refresher packed with nutrients, vitamins, and proteins. Rise Up Nutrition successfully creates guilt-free deliciousness one can look forward to.

With the use of online ordering, all menu items are conveniently available for pick-up so you can get what you want on the go. If you’re someone who likes to start the day off with an energy drink or shake, check out Rise Up Nutrition for delicious guilt-free drinks and treats.

Located at 24 Elm St. 1A

Visit the Rise Up Nutrition Website to view their menu and/or place an order.



Helping people totally transform their eating habits is Ketosyntesis, a Keto and healthy meal delivery service. Ketosyntesis conveniently develops meal plans customers can choose from depending on their health concerns. They have a range of meal plans including a keto fast menu, a kid’s menu, a muscle gainer, a healthy menu, and a bariatric menu. Each meal plan is developed for 4 weeks but customers also have the option to pay for 1 week and have it delivered to their door.

Ketosyntesis is a great alternative for those looking to adjust their eating habits without having to go grocery shopping and preparing meals on their own. With Ketosyntesis’s meal plan delivery service, focusing on clean eating can be convenient and delicious.

Located at 148 Bloomfield Ave.

Visit Ketosyntesis to view their meal plan options and obtain more information.


Qwell Meditation Studio

 For those looking to get into meditation, Qwell Meditation Studio is the place to go. Qwell Meditation Studio is a meditation and wellness studio in the heart of Montclair that offers daily guided meditation. There are a variety of guided mediation services offered including crystal bowl sound meditation, heart meditation, mindful meditation, restorative yoga/reiki, and more. All of which are conveniently provided online for a virtual and safe experience.

Classes are provided daily and can be easily booked online so you can unplug and find balance in the comfort of your own home. Those interested can also read more about the different mediation services offered when booking online.

Located 493 Bloomfield Ave.

Visit Qwell Meditation Studio to book a class and get more information.


Studio AIR

If you’re looking to gain some new skills in aerials or looking for flexibility training, Studio AIR is the location for you. Studio AIR offers pole dancing classes, aerial skill training, flexibility training, and other services. The studio is a welcoming environment with encouraging instructors to assist you along the way. Classes specifically designed for different age groups and skill levels.

Their ranges of classes are conveniently located on their website and are categorized by type of training. Classes are socially distanced and have limited spots available due to safety protocols. Studio AIR is an ideal location if you’re looking to pick up a new skill and/or to simply train your body.

Located at 180 Bloomfield Ave. Suite 3A

Visit Studio AIR to book a class and gain more information.


Architect Studios HIIT Gym 

If you’re into H.I.I.T training, Architect Studios HIIT Gym offers a welcoming ambiance for any fitness level. Architect Studios HIIT Gym is known as one of the hottest HIIT studios in New Jersey founded by Adrienne Felder. Adrienne created Architect Studios to ensure everyone felt accepted and welcomed in a place where all fitness levels can be pushed to their full potential. With the help of multiple fitness instructors, everyone can receive one-on-one training.

The studio offers over 40 classes including GRIIT, SPIN, TRX, etc. all based on the H.I.I.T formula. A clear description of each class and its functionality are conveniently provided on their website. Architect Studios hosts virtual classes daily for those looking to practice H.I.I.T training safely at home.

Located at 4 Lackawanna Plaza.

Visit Architect Studios to sign up for classes and to gain more information.


Cycle Bar Montclair

For those looking to get active in a fun and effective way, give Cycle Bar a try in the new year. Cycle Bar is an indoor cycling studio created to invigorate and provide different cycling experiences. The Cycle Bar experience includes Cyclestars, Cyclebeats, and Cyclestats. Each experience specifically designed for individual needs. Whether you’re looking for direct coaching, upbeat mood-elevating playlists, or trying to reach a fitness goal; the Cycle Bar is providing it all.

Spots are available for reservations on their website where you can select a designated class and time that suits your schedule and/or needs. Cycle Bar also offers membership deals and packages for those looking to including indoor cycling into their weekly regimens.

Located at 656 Bloomfield Ave.

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Anytime Fitness


Providing a total fitness experience for those looking to start a fitness journey this year is Anytime Fitness. Anytime Fitness is a gym designed to help its members reach their goals. They offer solutions that include fitness, nutrition, and recovery to provide the 360-approach needed to complete your wellness journey. Anytime Fitness prioritizes being different from the traditional gym by having coaches that build a customized plan for each individual, keep members motivated, and succeed in their fitness journey.

From now until January 25th, the cost to join Anytime Fitness is $1. When you join, Anytime Fitness increases its grant support to the Movemeant Foundation which empowers young women with the tools to be active. New members will also receive a fitness consultation with a coach and a 30-day workout plan. Anytime Fitness an ideal fitness location for anyone looking to gain the tools, training, and coaching necessary to start their fitness journey in the new year.

Located at 312 Bloomfield Ave.

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To Be Pilates Studio


If you’re looking to get into pilates in the new year, To Be Pilates Studio is the ideal studio in the heart of Montclair. Established in Milan in 2008, founded by Barbara Morini and Roger Mazzeo; To Be Pilates studio is a fully-equipped pilates studio that provides a calm escape and concentrated workout. With sessions designed for all, To Be Pilates Studio makes pilates extremely versatile for everyone.

Sessions are available for purchase through Barbara Morini’s website. The sessions vary from private, duete, semi-private, cardiolates, and mat/melt sessions. To Be Pilate Studio is a relaxing way to get fit and provides a fulfilling workout experience.

Located at 47 S. Park St.

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Whether you’re looking to eat more health-consciously, get active, or begin a fitness journey; Montclair’s healthy restaurants and fitness locations are providing you with various tools and options to choose from. Each business considering the risks of the current pandemic, they are following safety protocols and developing remote alternatives for everyone to enjoy. Start the new year on a healthy note and try out some of Montclair’s healthy alternatives.

Written by Lynese Salmon