We are a mother and son run concept shop that deals in unique and well-crafted furniture and goods for the home and body.  Our journey began when I (son, Ben) got furloughed from my job at the beginning of the pandemic and decided to move home and adopt a Basset Hound / Pit Bull mix named Shlomo.  After spending countless hours in the dog bed nurturing this adorable, very goofy looking puppy we (Ben & Mother, Beth) decided to upgrade the dog bed situation to something that would be a little more comfy for our backs (genetic thing).  After our search came up short, we took it into our own hands to develop a piece of furniture that suited our new lifestyle of sleeping in a dog bed and the ‘dog lover seat’ was born.

But why stop at furniture? Why not combine our tastes to create a multi-generational lifestyle shop that appeals to all ages and genders?  Introduce & son; a multi-generational lifestyle shop that appeals to all ages and genders.  A place where craftsmanship and originality intertwine to create a shopping experience that can’t be duplicated.

Welcome to our home.

For any inquiries please e-mail

369 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey 07042

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