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Job Position: Ambassador


Must have a valid clean driver’s license.

Benefits after 90 days

Reports to: Ambassador Supervisor

Hours: This is a full-time, non-exempt position (typically 40 hours per week, unless specified as part-time or seasonal). Possible additional hours including nights and weekends may be required to staff BID and partner events or other special events as requested.

Overview of Role: The Ambassador works under the direction of the Ambassador Supervisor and has direct responsibilities for keeping Montclair Center clean, visually appealing, and vibrant.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Enhance and maintain the cleanliness, visual beauty, and “state of good repair” of Montclair Center at all times.
  • Clean sidewalks, BID fixtures, tree pits, and other BID elements and perform graffiti removal as necessary within Montclair Center.
  • Install and de-install holiday décor and other seasonal visual improvements.
  • Install and de-install lamppost banners and other special signage/banners promoting Montclair Center, BID sponsors, and BID members.
  • Trouble-shoot and problem-solve additional conditions and issues on behalf of Montclair Center members.
  • Communicate with business owners on issues related to non-removal of garbage, sidewalk cleanliness, and other compliance-related items.
  • Maintain and water Montclair Center beautification and planting initiatives as necessary.
  • Clean and maintain BID fixtures such as informational kiosks, planters, planter beds, etc. at all times.
  • Perform regular surveys of Montclair Center and create and maintain lists including the business directory/vacancy survey, streetlight outage reports, empty tree pits, and more.
  • Set up, break down, and staff (or schedule staffing for) all BID and partner events.
  • Clear pedestrian crossing areas and paths in the event of snow and ice conditions. Utilize additional measures to assist with pedestrian safety, such as salt, ice melt, etc.
  • Operate the BID vehicle, street sweeper, and other equipment as necessary to perform tasks as necessary.
  • Assist with information gathering and dissemination about and to Montclair Center members (including event posters and signage, etc.).
  • Assist with information dissemination (such as directions, etc.) to Montclair Center visitors.
  • Additional duties and responsibilities, as requested by the Ambassador Supervisor.

Please email or call 973-509-3820.


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