Who We Are


Montclair Center BID

Israel Cronk, Director 

Phil Cantor, President

Gerald Sweeney, Vice-President

Robert Weber, Treasurer

Lisa Johnson, Secretary



Board of Directors


Renee Baskerville

Jeff Beck

Arlene Carrini

Jenna Davis

Jason Gleason

Guy Kinley

Kazim Mizra

Eddie Peralta

Steven Pfofker

Sharda Ramharack

Sue Schultz

Nicole Silva

Matt Silverman

Joann Smalls

Sean Spiller

Nate Testa

Elaina Watley



Diane Israel, Assistant Director

Ann Marie Sekeres, Assistant Director

Dylan Blackwell, Ambassador Supervisor 



Montclair Center Corporation Board of Directors has 21 members, comprised of seven district property owners, seven business owners, two town councilpersons, one resident and four at-large members.  The full Board meets nine times a year.  Program, administrative and executive committees meet and work as needed.  Committees are made up of both Board and non-Board members.  Montclair Center BID program committees include:

If you are a  Montclair Center business owner interested in volunteering for the BID, contact Israel Cronk at 973.509.3820.