Summer Sunday Event Stops

Update as of 10am on June 15

We were hoping we would wake up to better news. Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating with our event, and we are left with no choice but to cancel Summer Sunday. This was a very difficult decision to make.
Please note: Montclair Film’s movie screening is taking place in the evening and has NOT been cancelled at this time. Follow Montclair Film for updated details.


Join us for Summer Sunday! With over 70 businesses participating, it’s sure to be a lively and enjoyable day for everyone attending. The sidewalks will have a variety of retail, restaurants, fitness studios, salons, and live music that will offer a diverse range of experiences for visitors.

The children’s community mural outside of Kreme and Krumbs at 147 Bloomfield Ave is a great opportunity for kids to get creative and contribute to a collaborative art project.

Open map here


Pineapple Express
Bloomfield Ave/ 1 Lackawanna Plaza
Art Is Bond 8 Lackawanna Plaza
Santokh 20 Lackawanna Plaza
Minias Breakfast and Lunch 22 Lackawanna Plaza
Genevieve’s Exclusive Vintage Collection 10 Lackawanna Plaza

Organic Sun Market 108 Bloomfield Ave.
Sneakers and Cream 112 Bloomfield Ave.
Kreme and Krumbs 147 Bloomfield Ave.
Vanguard Theater 180 Bloomfield Ave.
Connie’s Vintage Trunk 220 Bloomfield Ave.
Forever Welded Jewelry 314 Bloomfield Ave.
Kai Yang 345 Bloomfield Ave.
Gioia Mia 331 Bloomfield Ave.
Stuff by SJ 342 Bloomfield Ave.
Caribbean Grill 343 Bloomfield Ave.
& Son 369 Bloomfield Ave.
Roosters Hot Chicken 369 Bloomfield Ave.
Lulu’s Artisanal Cafe 406 Bloomfield Ave.
Stokedville 332 Bloomfield Ave
Sugar Coat by Bella Noir 334 Bloomfield Ave.
Suits By Hipolito/Haiku 344 Bloomfield Ave.
Fireman Tshirts 356 Bloomfield Ave.
Montclair Mud Clay Studio 370 Bloomfield Ave.
Kung Fu Tea 375 Bloomfield Ave.
Sofistafunk with Pharmacie Bar & Kitchen 398 Bloomfield Ave.
The Now Massage 425 Bloomfield Ave.
Grayford’s Since 1931 427 Bloomfield Ave.
Teglia Pizza Bar 438 Bloomfield Ave.
Giftbar 465 Bloomfield Ave.
Jerry’s Antiques & Estates Bloomfield Ave/ 229 Glenridge Ave.
Bareburger 480 Bloomfield Ave.
Solano 484 Bloomfield Ave.
Hair491 491 Bloomfield Ave.
Guerriero Gelato 517 Bloomfield Ave.
Efi’s Gyro 521 Bloomfield Ave.
Sweet Kitchen 533 Bloomfield Ave.
Almost Ready Records 537 Bloomfield Ave.
CM Chicken 537 Bloomfield Ave.
Powerhouse Tattoo/Workin Together LLC 545 Bloomfield Ave.
The Eclectic Chic Boutique 547 Bloomfield Ave.
East Side Mags 491 Bloomfield Ave.
Just Kidding Around 507 Bloomfield Ave.
Fleet Feet 603 Bloomfield Ave.
MESH (food donation drop off) 619 Bloomfield Ave.
Lazlo Plants 602 Bloomfield Ave.
Parcel 608 Bloomfield Ave.
Let’s Yo Bloomfield /31 Valley Rd
Jack’s Seafood Shack 718 Bloomfield Ave

WELLMONT PLAZA 398 Bloomfield Ave.
Montclair Center BID
Pharmacie Bar & Kitchen fashion show with Sofistafunk + outside bar
Gravity Vault
Vanguard Theater
Little Treasure Thrift Shop
Jazz House Kids
Toni’s Kitchen

Urban Natural Home 5 S Willow St.
Monty 12 N Willow St.
La Fontaine 12 N Willow St.

Luigino’s Parmigiana 173 Glenridge Ave.
Haus of Highlights 212 Glenridge Ave.
DollyMoo 217 Glenridge Ave.
White Rabbit Black Heart 219 Glenridge Ave.
Montclair Book Center 221 Glenridge Ave.

Salt Air{e} Collective 7 South Fullerton Ave.
Ethos Anew 7 South Fullerton Ave.
L & B Healthy Pet Markets 15 S. Fullerton
deVINE Plantery 28 S Fullerton Ave.

Montclair House Grill 12 Church St.
Dutch’s Sandwich Shop 16 Church St.
Jayce Baudry French Pastry 17 Church St.
Solano Exp 17 Church St.
Blu Lotus 20 Church St.
Enlightened Path Healing 20 Church St.
Raymond’s 28 Church St.
Amanti Vino 30 Church St.
Alchemy Scent Bar 30 Church St.
Charmed Beading Studio 41 Church St.
Culture Couture 53 Church St.
worldFlats 58 Church St.
Chez Renee 50 Church St.

Samba 7 Park
Cap’t Loui 10 Park St.
Napoli Trattoria 11 Park St.
Fusionista 14 Park St.
Playa Bowls 28 South Park St.
Just Jakes 30 Park St.

Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body 4 Midland Ave.
Pedal 15 Midland Ave.

Community Mural tba

🎶 Music performances by:

RTD-2 Jazz : Amanti Vino
Gabi the Artist: Gift Bar
Kassaye Selassie: Stuff by SJ / Suits by Hipolito Polantis
Jennifer Prezant: Roosters / & Son
Gerry Herarra: Sweet Kitchen
Victor Sanchez: Kreme & Krumbs
Jeff DeLuca: Parcel/ Lazlo Plants
Frank Fox: Eclectic Chic
Andrew Nieporent: Culture Couture

The fun doesn’t stop here. The Montclair Film free screening at Lackawanna Plaza will begin at sunset.

Come early (between 6PM-7PM)

Bring a lawn chair +enjoy the show!

Top Gun: Maverick 

 See you Sunday! 

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