Mesob Takeout Experience


Explore Mesob at home! We are excited to reveal this take-home cultural basket that is being developed by Mesob, Montclair’s acclaimed Ethiopian restaurant. Instead of plastic containers, customers will be able to experience a rich traditional meal. Developed through a grant the Montclair Center BID received from Main Street NJ, Mesob is working with Storefront Mastery and Montclair Center BID to develop new concepts.

This takeout experience includes the following:

Zenbil (Traditional Ethiopian basket) with the following contents:

Embroidered, custom designed napkins and tablecloths on beautiful traditional Ethiopian fabric.

Agelgil, a layered stack of injera, the traditional Ethiopian fermented flatbread, stuffed with different ethnic sauces, meats, and vegetables.

Extra injera in an Ethiopian Shema (fabric made from cotton and woven on a loom).

Hand roasted Ethiopian coffee or Spice tea for after.

Ornamentally decorated coffee or teacups included.

Recipe card deck to prepare dishes at home. Traditional Ethiopian table etiquette including the ritual of eating, handwashing and gathering around the table.

Exclusive Mesob Spotify playlist to complement their meal.

This take-home experience is available in servings of 2, 4 or 10 starting Thursday, April 1. We highly recommend you preorder while supplies lasts. You can do so by calling 973-655-9000 or emailing

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