Acorn General Store

Welcome to Acorn, where the charm of your local store meets a forward-thinking approach to sustainability.

Their Roots

They see you out there living your life like a superstar, and they know you’ve got a million things going on. Kids’ soccer games, work meetings, coffee dates, and that elusive “me time”. And amidst all that, you’re always thinking, “Can I do all this and still live a better, more sustainable life?” They’re here to tell you, “Absolutely!” And guess what? It’s not just possible, it’s also fun and easy.

Sustainability is not a buzzword for the folks at Acorn. It’s a way of life (an imperfect life). They’ve got a collection of products that are sustainable, toxin-free, and simply amazing! And they’re not just saying that.

They sell vintage, sustainably sourced and eco-friendly brands, and private label merchandise across multiple categories including Apparel and Accessories, Home Goods, Body Care, Packaged Food, Gifts, Kids and Pet Toys.

They’ve taken the guesswork out of being more sustainable by testing all their products themselves (yes, really!). They want to make sure that what they offer not only benefits the planet, but also makes your life easier and more joyful. They’ve tried, tested, and fallen in love with every item on their shelves, and they’re confident that you will too.

Whether you’re swinging by our Montclair store or browsing from the comfort of your home, they’re here to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and easy as possible. They’re firm believers that living sustainably doesn’t have to be perfect. It should be simple and fun, and they’re pretty sure they’ve nailed it. 

They’re so glad that you’ve put down your roots with them.

41 Church Street, Montclair, New Jersey 07042

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