DiRasa House of Diversified Arts

We believe ART has no limits, no boundaries, no restrictions and no shape or form, in every and any way. Art and Arts are very different by meaning and not just one letter. Our vision is to build a house for anyone who wants to push their fiery passion for their own type of art to the next level. Our goals are to challenge our artists to break down all walls of doubt, while building the courage to overcome and discover possible untapped potential. Our strategy is to ensure all members that we have are here to help, without hesitation, by using each of our own unique strengths. Our mission is to find artists who could use a little help to find and fulfill their dreams. Lastly, our dream is to make our artists realize they have the potential to turn their dreams into reality instead of staying a fantasy!

4 Lackawanna Plaza, Montclair, New Jersey 07042

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