Houss Freya

Daysi De Dios, owner of Houss Freya, offers a variety of handmade products to aid in intention work, rituals, meditation, spell work and practices. Her intention candles with crystals, herbs and essential oils are cult favorites. Other items include shower melts, loose incense, bath salts, body oils, attraction roll on oils, smudging sprays, mini ritual candles, enchanted dust, and more.

She enjoys face to face interactions to intuitively help you choose the right tools to assist you on your journey. Whatever new chapter you are preparing for in your life, give your intentions a boost and Daysi will intuitively guide you with her custom-made products designed for you and your journey. Let Houss Freya assist you in Manifesting your desires!

205 Glenridge Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey 07042

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