Just Kidding Around

In 2002, Nissa moved to Montclair, NJ and started working at Just Kidding Around as a manager. In 2007, Chelsea found a job at Just Kidding Around while studying for her BFA at Montclair State University. At first Nissa and Chelsea weren’t sure about each other, but they both knew that they loved working at the toy store.  As the years went on, they grew to be best friends.  When the opportunity arose for the two of them to take ownership of the store, it was an easy choice to make!  Now they own the store that they love so dearly and are bringing their own unique vision to their cozy shop.  They are incredibly lucky to have a community like Montclair, NJ to grow and thrive in.

507 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey 07042

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