Lazlo Plants

What makes it Lazlo?

Welcome to Lazlo Plants, a small nursery and purveyor of botanical delights. Based in Montclair, NJ, Lazlo Plants offers a one-of-a-kind plant shopping experience for plant-lovers of all skill levels, filled with both familiar favorites and one-of-a kind rarities!

Hi there, we are Nicky and Carter! We have been friends since childhood and are the owners of this plant store. After discussing for years, in late 2022 we finally made the difficult decisions to quit our jobs and start our own business around our passion of all things plants. From there we found the perfect storefront not far from our homes and spent weeks building it out. Now, in 2023, we launched nationwide and haven’t looked back since! We are a small business, but we look forward to developing and building our community with you!


602 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, New Jersey 07042

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