Northeast Earth Coalition, Inc.


The Northeast Earth Coalition, Inc, (NEEC) works at the community level to protect the environment and promote local sustainability and food security.

The NEEC supports the work of community and environmental activists who give hope for a better future.

To accomplish this, we seek to bring together diverse environmental organizations in the Northeast to share ideas, identify common interests, and provide mutual support in building communities that are sustainable in terms of food production, energy, transportation, and preservation of the natural environment.


We believe that a strong local food system contributes to the health of our entire community, and we will work to facilitate greater understanding of the social, economic, & environmental impacts of our food choices.

We support small family farms, urban farming projects, community vegetable gardens, and backyard food production.

We believe in promoting a healthier society through education about and appreciation of local, fresh, sustainably raised produce and products.

We promote energy conservation and integration of renewable, sustainable energy into local communities through advising local organizations and individuals, demanding better energy policies, and participating in local energy projects.

We support the promotion of sustainable eco-friendly transportation, including biking, walking, and the development of accessible, reliable, and affordable public transportation.

We envision a region where people can coexist and prosper in harmony with their environment. To this end, we promote the preservation and

restoration of the natural environment.

Our Programs:

The NEEC has four programs: Environmental Initiatives, Urban Growers, Community Outreach and Community Food Network.

Environmental Initiatives:

This program presents free workshops and training to educate the public about environmental issues, promote the protection of the environment, and create community level environmental projects, like Crane Park Demonstration Garden, Pine Street Community Garden, among other projects.

Urban Growers:

The program sees the growth of community vegetable gardens as an effective strategy to make healthy organic produce accessible to low-income families, ensuring that all the members of our community have access to fresh local food.  The NEEC has nine community gardens associated to our program (Florham Park, East Orange, Paramus (Bergen County Community College), Montclair, Hillside, Passaic, Paterson and Totowa).

We educate, coach, and monitor the work of volunteers working with community gardens.

Community Outreach:

The Community Outreach Program is responsible for reaching out to environmental activists and community groups as well as building partnerships with other organizations, providing support for their work, and collaborating with their programs and agenda

Community Outreach provides educational support and micro-grants to create workshops, trainings, cultural activities, and long-term projects. The Acting Locally for a More Sustainable World Conference is the largest gathering of environmentalists and community activists in New Jersey.

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