Eclectic Chic Boutique

The Eclectic Chic Boutique is a collective of over 30 artists from New Jersey and beyond.

We strive to be a unique, diverse, and inclusive company that helps connect artists, artisans, and creative entrepreneurs to more customers. We are more than consignment. For our artists, we provide mentoring to aid them with building their brand, expand their reach, and helping them grow.

For our customers, we are known as an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome to come and be creative and appreciate diversity. We are a place where patrons know they can find high quality, curated crafts and learn how to live a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Workshops, classes, demonstrations are just a few of the ways The Eclectic Chic Boutique brings arts and education into the homes, spaces, and communities of the surrounding areas. From hand-crafting jewelry, to specially focused art nights, to cupcake making, The Eclectic Chic Boutique provides a creative outlet for all ages.

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