Tortoise & Blonde Eyewear

Founded on the belief that quality eyewear can be classically constructed, yet affordable, all Tortoise & Blonde glasses are crafted by experts and customized to fit your unique vision.

In 2010, then 25-year-old Evan Weisfeld approached his father, Optometrist Steven Weisfeld, with the idea for high-quality, stylish prescription eyewear that was affordable for even the struggling college student.

From that moment, Tortoise & Blonde was born, the rest is history… Evan saw a niche that needed filling–high-quality, stylish prescription eyewear affordable for even the strug

From that moment, Tortoise & Blonde was born – giving you the reassurance that your eyes are getting the best, fashion-forward frames for you, plus the Optician’s seal of approval.

20 South Park Street, Montclair, New Jersey 07042

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