Fresco Da Franco

Staying true to his roots, Franco opened a New York City style Italian restaurant in the heart of Montclair, New Jersey, in February 2013. But Fresco Da Franco is no ordinary Italian eatery. Due to Franco’s background of hosting some of Manhattan’s most exclusive dining rooms and clubs, he brought in elements from those experiences and made Fresco Da Franco a truly unique dining experience. In August 2015, he was awarded the International Five Star Diamond Award by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, and again in 2017. With its unique artwork and ambiance, Fresco Da Franco has also served as the backdrop for several television shows and movies. Franco’s clientele includes everyone from Montclair locals, to politicians such as former Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson, to his A-List celebrity friends, including the Real Housewives of New Jersey who are regulars at the Church Street spot.

15 Church Street, Montclair, New Jersey 07042

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