Montclair Smoke & Mirrors

Thank you for visiting Montclair Smoke and Mirrors. We are devoted to helping our customers improve their “way of life” and committed to you “living well.” At Montclair Smoke and Mirrors, you will meet a knowledge-rich staff, ready to educate you in herbal medicines as well as introduce you to products designed to enhance your quality of life, including top rated Volcano, PAX, Vapor Genie, Magic-Flight Launch Box and JUUL Vaporizers. Let us help you explore vaporizing tobacco and herbal products, (which eliminates harmful carcinogens, smoke and tar known to cause disease) while also producing unbeatable potency and flavor.

Our herbal products are based on an intimate, practical knowledge of plants handed down for hundreds of generations, as well as acknowledging the unique needs of our clients. We understand that diet, exercise, and increased self- awareness form the foundation of health and that fresh herbal therapy provides one of the key elements in the process of self-care. We offer organic herbs for fragrant teas, including peppermint or chamomiles (which have been used for centuries to soothe the stomach and provide a relaxing tonic before bedtime to help bring on restful sleep.) For pain relief, we recommend VOODOO BRAND KRATOM® which acts as a natural organic herb with properties known to produce stimulating and euphoric effects and assist the body in blocking pain. (In small dosages Kratom is a stimulant stronger than coffee; however, in larger dosages Kratom offers a truly relaxing experience.)

We carry a large selection of natural and herbal products such as the VOODOO KRATOM® Dietary Supplements, CBD Oil, Ultra Purewhip, 5-Hour Energy, Herbal Cigarettes, Cigarettes and RYO Cigarettes, Cigarette Rolling Papers, Hookah and Hookah Tobacco, Backwoods Cigars, Swisher Sweets, Dutch Masters Cigars and Organic Hemp Wraps, Sharpstone Grinders, Santa Cruz Shredders, male and female natural enhancement products, detox products and much more.

Montclair Smoke and Mirrors is proud to be the #1 dealer in the United states for Trilla Glass – a glass designed and specifically built for easy draw, durability, efficiency, and maximum cooling (to reduce harmful by-products and carcinogenic substances.) We also distributed glass from a variety of top notch vendors such Illadelph, VOODOO SCI-GLASS, Quantum Scientific Glass, Sovereignty Glass, ROOR, Sheldon Black, Trilla Glass, Titen Glass Snoop Dogg POUNDS, David Goldsteins Rooster Apparatus, Cheech & Chong and Mothership Glass.

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