Late in the summer of 2003, Nancy Laboz followed a dream and opened the doors to Parcel in downtown Montclair, New Jersey. The original idea for the business came from the word Parcel’s dictionary definition: a package; a collection of things. It seemed a fitting name for the one-of-a-kind shop that would house unique papers, packaging and unusual vintage collections. With a previous career in the fashion and publishing industries, Nancy had no trouble styling and curating a creative retail space. A loyal following quickly developed, interested to see what new surprises were in store.

As Parcel’s supportive clientele expanded, so did its services. There became a demand for the custom designed invitations, the creation of party decor and bespoke personalization. Holiday seasons generated yet another level of services, including family holiday mailings, decorating ideas and our popular gift wrapping services. As a result of wonderful national press support, parcel has welcomed customers traveling up to 5-hours each way just to shop its unique presentation of wares. Parcel has become a destination for all-things curious and unexpected.

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