Rocklin Styling Opticians

When Ida Rock founded Rocklin Opticians in 1945, she used her 30 years of experience to provide an excellent service and quality product.
Enter George Lara, himself on optician for 24 years and the new owner. “When you buy glasses from us, “says Lara about Rocklin, which has been located on Church St in Montclair since the 1960s, you become family. We are a family owned and operated, focused on exceptional customer service. And that service is personalized.”

This is indeed the spot for your children’s glasses, your glasses and your family’s glasses. With George and his wife, Idania, ready to help when you enter their comfortable shop, the fine Rocklin legacy of excellence continues. The product is the finest, and it’s a product we stand behind, says George Lara. We sell excellent quality, workmanship, all under warranty.”

20 Church Street, Montclair, New Jersey 07042

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