Sponsorships and Banner Program

Be Seen Around Town

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities are available throughout the year for our various events — get seen at weekly Montclair Center Stage concerts during the summer, our acclaimed Octoberfest celebration, and more!  Please contact the BID at montclaircenter@montclaircenter.com or at (973) 509-3820 for more information.


Banner Program

Montclair Center installs pole banners throughout the district. Organizations have the opportunity to have banners installed for a two-month period to promote their events.


Banners must be printed according to BID specifications and include the BID logo on the bottom (see ATTACHED LINK for example).  Banners are 58 x 28” double-sided outdoor vinyl banners with 4” pole pockets with wind reliefs.  Please call the BID if you need a printer recommendation.


There is high demand for the banners, so please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in reserving a two-month slot.  Please contact Annmarie@montclaircenter.com to inquire about availability.



The banner program is divided into 2 purchasing buys the “BIG BUY” and side streets.



All 92 banners along Bloomfield Avenue, Glenridge Avenue, North and South Fullerton, and Midland Avenue.


One organization must take the entire buy (92 banners).


(Two nonprofits could partner together to split the same buy for the same period, but must coordinate so the Ambassadors are only doing 1 install) 


For-profit rate

  • No changing banners (only 1 installation)
  • $32 per install per pole
  • 92 x 32 = $2944

Non profit

  • 92 banners, $3.80/pole = $350


Park St  (10 banners)

South Park (14 banners)

Valley (11 banners)

Church (8 banners)

N Willow (2 banners)


For profit – $35/pole (less than 10 banners)

For nonprofit $10/pole (less than 10 banners)


For profit – $32/pole (more than 10 banners)

Nonprofit – $5/pole (more than 10 banners)